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This fragrance is similar in style and identity to the well known “WHITE”  candle fragrance

An exotic fragrance combining top notes of bergamot, orange & soft peach leading to a heart of coconut, Jasmin & muguet on a creamy base of amber, creamy vanilla & almond.

Seychelles fragrance oil is highly concentrated, using either no or minimal carrier oil.

It is designed specifically for candle making, however it is also perfect for wax melts, soaps, room sprays, reed diffusers and more.

How much fragrance should I add?

All our fragrances are high quality and specifically designed for excellent scent throw, meaning that generally speaking less is more. Generally starting with between 5-8% is a good idea and up to 10% for less strong fragrances should give you more than enough scent throw. It is always best to experiment with each scent and wax combination and start low and work up.

  •  Perfect for candles, melts , and for use with paraffin and soya waxes.
  •  Also for use with Reed Diffusers (up to 25%) and Room Sprays (1-5%)
  •  Safe for use in body products when used at the correct percentage (except lip balm).
  •  SDS & CLP available for download free of charge.

We recommend you read the safety instructions in the SDS before handling our fragrances

Please look at our returns policy for fragrances. We advise anyone who is thinking about buying in a large quantity to check a sample beforehand.

Our designer inspired oils range are similar in style and identity to the well know fragrances. (Click here to view our “dupe” page list)

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